Groundbreaking Research for the Treatment of Adults in the Autism Spectrum Launches GoFundMe Campaign

As discussed in our latest article, a recently completed Microbiota Transplant Therapy (MTT) phase-I trial conducted by Dr. James B. Adams and his Team at the Arizona State University (ASU) showed a remarkable near 50% reduction in Autism-related symptoms and an 80% reduction in gastrointestinal (GI) problems commonly associated with the Autism disorder.

The MTT consisted of the transfer of healthy microbiota obtained from carefully selected (healthy) donors into the trial participants who were diagnosed with various levels of Autism severity.

At the beginning of the study, the majority (83%) of the participants were classified as “severe” on their Autism diagnosis. By the 2-year follow up, only 17% were still classified as “severe” and 44% of the 18 children included in the trial no longer met the criteria for an Autism diagnosis. Furthermore, the observed improvements in both Autism and GI symptoms were sustained 2 years after the conclusion of the MTT trial.

Based on these encouraging results, it is believed that Microbiota Transplant Therapy holds great promise to significantly alleviate the GI and behavioral symptoms commonly associated with the Autism diagnosis at a much larger scale.

The next step towards FDA approval is a larger, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled phase-II clinical trial to demonstrate the efficacy of MTT for adults with ASD. The clinical trial is currently underway with federal grant funding but requires an additional US$200,000 to complete.

With this goal in mind, the ASU research Team launched a GoFundMe campaign to help move this research forward.

Donations via the GoFundMe campaign are sent to the Autism Nutrition Research Center (ANRC) which will then send all funds to the ASU to support this research. Alternatively, donations may also be sent directly to the ASU Foundation via Pitchfunder.

Dr. Adams and his Team have noted that after funds are raised to complete the ASD phase-II trial with adults (ages 18-60), a similar phase-II trial will be launched with children with ASD.

Prof. Adams Facebook Live Interview to answer some frequently asked questions about MTT studies

Click here for more information about the ongoing MTT clinical trial (currently in recruiting stages) with adults, ages 18 to 60.


The Autism Research Coalition has no financial interest in labs performing stool testing, developing MTT therapy and is in no way related to the MTT-ASU research team.

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  1. Rayana says:

    Hello I have 13 years old son whose suffered from ataxia and global developmental delays and hyperactivity limited speech please if u have any treatment for him thanks 🙏


    1. Here’s the ASU contact list for future MTT studies for children, teens and adults with Autism. Hope this helps!


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